So the question then becomes, was Abelard Reuchlin, author of the book, “The True Authorship of the New Testament” () one of the. the Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box , Kent WA Reuchlin, Abelard. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Bibliography: 1. Rome. *Who created the name and concept of Satan? * The concept of an evil force in the universe separate from God is foreign to the Jewish religion. It is clearly.

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It may have been an experiment for some but its a way of life for the much greater majority. To us, it was important to let the world know this. Using that method inI can decode a secret world ruler named Saddam Blair Bush from the daily newspaper. They saw him coming with his troops, and they pierced him 23 times abelars a result of it.

But maybe the KJV translators were Pisos also? Cant even comment on T-birds or inner Earth. Bauer also wrote several other books on related subjects. He had did interviews with radio stations talk showsmade videos, and placed ads in magazines like ‘The Humanist’, ‘The Progressive’, ‘The Nation’ and ‘The Atlantic’.

Site Statistics Posts 18, All this is done in the name abelsrd Christ while the money continues pouring in!

The True Authorship Of The New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin

He saw and understood many of the same things that Reuchlin and I have observed in the texts of that time. In other words, this is someone who as usual had no business drawing the conclusions he did.

He asked Hadrian to make his son successor to the Emperor, knowing full well that if Hadrian refused, Julius would be obliged to commit suicide. I’ve looked for the falcon ufo and believe I may have seen the outline as the underneath mirrors the sky above. Major and Minor Prophets: Not to mention the fact that being a descendant of King David, he has the blood of the Egyptian Pharaohes in him, because King Solomon David’s sonwas married to a Pharaoh’s daughter!


This hatred toward Jews seems reasonable to many only because years of stereotyping Jews has conditioned popular thinking to its acceptance. Who remembers them though?

It is now ; the leader wrote this in — and still no sign of these books. Ancient Greek had no “cypher” numbers as we have today.

Roman Piso

He then examined the Pisos and their relatives, mainly from articles by Professor Syme, before Bruno Bauer,Berlin. But Jesus and everyone involved with him were created that is fictional!

The Thunderbirds I remember from my decent from the base of the gate once I left my home. Also, see my book, ‘Piso Christ’ for examples of what the bawdy Roman authors actually wrote into the New Testament texts.

Meaning, that these books were published specifically for scholars and researchers, so as to give easy access to what may be termed in abelrad casesprimary source documents in the original language.

The Jewish Joseph of Genesis 12 brothers Spices on the camels Joseph flees without his cloak from Potiphar’s wife Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver Brother Judah suggests the sale Background was Egypt, bondage and slaying of the first-born Miriam is sister of Moses, whose story is sequel to that of Joseph. Holtzmann Heinrich Juliusestablished that Mark was the earliest gospel, and the existence of the ‘Q’ “Quella” document.

Click here to sign up. Likewise, such phrases as “he arose, took up his bed and went” Mark 2: ALL of the authors of that time were royals who were pretending to be other people by using alias identities; and yes, this includes Tacitus. Found this a while back is an interesting read. The omen of the rooster at Vienne noted above had been interpreted as meaning that a Gaul would kill him – gallus is both a ‘cock’ and a ‘Gaul’.


This is fairly telling, because the existence of this fellow seems to be a root for many facets of this theory:. However, they were writing while living under the rule of royals who imposed censorship upon them. As Reuchlin used to say to me, “keep up the good work, and be well. There was indeed a “Julius Piso” who was mentioned in a letter of Pliny but he had nothing to do with the Jewish War. Caesar was stabbed 23 times. A copy of it may still exist at Oxford University.

As Pisos’ story says “the Truth shall set ye free. Then we are told just how far back this really goes: Beautiful Fall weather here Stateside. That’s the answer when the data doesn’t cooperate: Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. Thus, they reject it for that reason and that reason only. We don’t doubt it; the linguistic convolutions required to get there would no doubt take years of writing to make clear.

Some were by Shakespeare, and some were by other I. Could the numbers and 66, put together, mean “Christ is Arrius Piso.

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