Alvaradoa amorphoides Research Information. Mexican Alvaradoa allergy information and photos. ALVARADOA AMORPHOIDES, male flowers. from the December 27, Newsletter issued from Hacienda Chichen Resort beside Chichén Itzá Ruins, central. Synonym, Full Citation, Basionym, Type. Alvaradoa amorphoides subsp. psilophylla, Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebmann, subsp. psilophylla (Urban) Cronquist.

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It’s the Alvaradoa, sometimes called Mexican Alvaradoa in the US, where it may barely amodphoides across the border into southern Arizona. American Heritage Science Dictionary. Allergens and Plants Search Enter a full or partial species name to find more information on one of over potentially allergenic plants.

The shaded areas on the map indicates where the species has been observed in the United States.

Mexican Alvaradoa (Alvaradoa amorphoides)

Department of Environmental Protection. Cultivated occurrences are not mapped.

Bryophytes lack the specialized tissues xylem and phloem that circulate water and dissolved nutrients in the vascular plants. Plant species that are not expected to be seen in wetlands. SH – Historically known from the state, but not seen in the past 15 years. With its pinnately compound, Black-Locust-like leaves at first glance it looks like a member of the Bean Family. Furthermore, a search of “Virginia snake” or even “nia snak” yields one result: It has an open, spreading upright irregular crown; the trunk and branches are amorphoidrs and covered with corky patches and leaf scars.


Click the map to see a full scale version of these allergy areas.

S5 – Demonstrably secure in the state. Category II – Species that have shown a potential to disrupt native plant communities. Plant species returned will be found within each of the selected counties.

SX – Apparently extirpated from the state. GH – Historically known, with the expectation that it might be rediscovered. Alvaradoa psilophylla Urban Based on vouchered plant specimens from wild populations.

G3 – Imperiled globally because of rarity 6 – 20 occurrences, or few remaining acres, or miles of stream or very vulnerable to extinction throughout its range because of other factors. In contrast to the vascular plants, the gametophyte haploid generation of bryophytes constitutes the larger plant form, while the small sporophyte diploid generation grows on or within the gametophyte and depends upon it for nutrition.

You can see a fruiting branch of an Alvaradoa near my dwelling below:. Source – Lichvar, R. Intro paragraph to be provided by New York. Wlvaradoa vascular plants alcaradoa all seed-bearing plants the gymnosperms and angiosperms and the pteridophytes including the ferns, lycophytes, and horsetails.


Excerpts from Jim Conrad’s Naturalist Newsletter. Many perennials may not be mature enough to bloom during its first year. G2 – Imperiled globally because of rarity 6 – 20 occurrences, or few remaining acres, or miles of stream or very vulnerable to extinction throughout its range because of other factors.

Leaves are bright green, evergreen, alternate, pinnately compound, 4 – 8 inches in length with 15 – 40 oval leaflets, which have smooth margins and are up to 1 inch long. A woody plant smaller than a tree, and usually with several stems from the same root.


The global rank reflects the species worldwide rarity. Mexican alvaradoa is a small tree to moderate sized tree or shrub, which can reach a height of 35 – 40 feet. Alvarradoa wildflowers re-grow each season from overwinter root material. All roots, stems, and leaves die at the end of the growing season.

Alvaradoa amorphoides – Wikipedia

Seeds used for propagation. Any species which is in danger of extinction amorohoides all or a significant portion of its range. GNA – Species for which a rank is not applicable.

Show these synonyms only. Occurs in following seasons depending on latitude and elevation: Over wintering seeds allow the next generation to appear.

Alvaradoa amorphoides 25 Gal

This definition does not rely on the economic severity or geographic range of the problem, but on the documented ecological damage caused. Mexican Alvaradoa Species Location. Usually occurs in wetlands, but occasionally found in non-wetlands FAC: Plant species returned will be found within at least one of the selected counties.

S4 – Apparently secure in the state. Any – An Any search will combine the list of counties to include with a Boolean Or. Bark and wood are used to make medicinal tea.

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