View Catalogue AP-V80 Series Durable Multi-Fluid Digital Pressure Sensors Catalogue. Two Digital Display Pressure Sensor Amplifier; AP-V80W Series. A rugged and compact sensor head has been assembled using a single-piece stainless steel pressure element and housing. The AP-V80W Series can be used. Cheap sensor mouse, Buy Quality sensor clock directly from China sensor engine Suppliers: KEYENCE pressure sensor AP-V80W Enjoy ✓Free Shipping.

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Confirm the sanitation standards required for facilities. Setting value indicator 2 illuminates when the setting value is P2. Insert the connector in the direction as shown by the arrow indicating the connector insertion direction.

Normal Eco mode mW 85mA max. High-speed analog Setting value can be configured by pressing the and buttons. F80w 2 Detects the pressure value of the H higher pressure value side.

It turns on when the pressure value goes lower than the setting value P1. This is not influenced by the pressure fluctuation at the time of filling the air. The lower part indicates the setting values P1, P2, B1 and B2.

Output 2 App on within the range between the setting value B1 lower limit value and the setting value B2 upper limit value. Pressure difference while the zero-shift is turned on. The output indicator and the alarm indicator function normally.


Select indicator 2 as a setting value. Output 2 Output 1 Sensor head selection Selecting the select the sensor head Select a sensor head by pressing the and button. Finally, lock the root of the connector covers with the connector security rings. When [ErrH] is displayed sensor head is unconnected or disconnected. The pressure difference H—L will be corrected to zero, and the current pressure value will be corrected to the atmospheric pressure state respectively.

It turns on when the pressure difference is within the range between the setting value P1 lower limit value and the setting value P2 upper limit value. Setting upper limit of free-range analog Press once. The pressure during the zero-shift input is displayed as zero in the current setting value while the zero-shift input is turned on.

Leakage test 20 20 Zero-shift input Zero-shift input — 0. If no operations are made for 3 minutes in this state, indicators return to the Eco display again. It turns off when the pressure value is out of the range. The higher negative pressure side is the H side, and the lower is the L side.

When the zero-shift is not turned on.

KEYENCE Enviroment Resisting Digital Pressure Sensor Ap-v80w

Face the panel mounting Panel bracket in the direction as mounting shown in the illustration, bracket and mount the panel mounting bracket on the amplifier main body from the rear. Output 2 Turns on when the pressure exceeds the setting value P2. P2 Hys B2 Hys P1 Hys B1 Hys To the display mode Note If you change the already ao sensor head to a different type, be sure to perform initial setting before setting the sensor head type to use.


The lower part indicates the reference value of shift setting. F-2 Double window mode This mode is used to judge whether the pressure value is within the range between the upper limit and lower limit values at the detection point. The lower part indicates the setting value.

AP-V80W – Amplifier Unit, DIN Rail Mount Type, Standard, NPN | AP-V80 series | KEYENCE America

Output 2 When the Turns on when the pressure exceeds the setting value P2. The lowest pressure value since the pressure has dipped below the setting value remains displayed. S or more is applied while readjust sensitivity. Eco wp mW mA max.

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