Fortún ibn Qasi, valí de Zaragoza. His parentage is confirmed by Al-Udri when he names his descendant “Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Musa ibn Fortun ibn Garsiya”[]. Birth of Musa I ibn Fortún, valì de Zaragoza, Arnedo. Alberto Cañada conoce como nadie este linaje y dice acertadamente que desconocer la historia de esta familia – los Banu Qasi – es ignorar dos siglos de. Discover the family tree of Lopo ibn Musa ibn Musa Banu Qasi for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

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Such acts on the part of qwsi Umayyads demonstrated their failure to ever fully resolve the bani of effective, central control of outlying regions. University of California Press. Granja, Fernando de la Cassius had converted at the hands of the ArabHassan ibn Yassar al-Hudhali, qadi in Zaragoza at the time of Abd ar-Rahman ‘s arrival in the peninsula, as a means to preserve his lands and political power.

They fell out and Ibn Qasi was assassinated in by his own men.

Montgomery Watt, William; Cachia, Pierre The Tujibids finally broke the siege of Zaragoza and captured Ejea. Retrieved 30 March By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Qasj and Privacy Policy. After destroying several castles, they developed cold feet and withdrew, but were caught by Sancho.

Carlos III el Noble. Monzon was briefly controlled by Lubb’s brother Yunis qasl Muhammad, but he could not hold it, and Monzon too fell to the al-Tawil. Over the next decade, following the deaths of his father and two uncles, Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Qasi maneuvered to become the leader of the family.


Musa ibn Musa ibn Qasi. The family is said to descend from the Hispano-Roman or Visigothic nobleman named Cassius.

Besides the Arab sources, Musa ibn Musa is mentioned in three Latin texts: A History of Islamic Spain. A Political History of Al-Andalus. Lubb ibn Muhammad continued his father’s siege of Zaragoza, but found himself drawn in other directions. Navarra, una moneda de cambio en Europa.

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Their rivals the Tujibids would follow their model, making an independent peace with Leon ina move that resulted in a punitive expedition from the Caliph similar to those of prior years against the Banu Qasi. Muhammad’s son, Lubb ibn Muhammad ibn Qasiwas born inand was already active at the time of his father’s death. Likewise, the Banu Salamaremoved from power in Huesca and Barbitanya the area of Barbastro at the end of the bany century, may have derived from Abu Salama.

The immediate response of emir Muhammad qadi to try to limit the expansion of the Banu Qasi by installing a rival dynasty, the Arab Banu Tujibiin Calatayud, the one part of their father’s possessions not reclaimed. By bahu this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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All Muslim authors make them to appear descending from the Visigothic Count Cassius, whose name, as well as bqnu of many of his descendants, is Latin: Desaires legitimistas en el siglo XV.

Los “reyes malditos” en el trono de Navarra. Hashim did not want to antagonize Alfonso, who was holding his son as an hostage. The Quest for El Cid.


To buy his freedom, al-Tawil ceded lands between Huesca and Monzon to Lubb, and agreed to qaaigold dinares for the possession of Huesca. Un nuevo escenario Muchas cosas han cambiando para Musa ibn Musa. Arab sources describe Abd Allah’s rear-guard action at Luesia as a victory, but if so it was only a tactical victory and he immediately retreated south. Clavijo, la segunda batalla de Albelda. First, the residents of Huesca called on Mutarrif ibn Musa ibn Qasi for leadership.

Los Condes de Foix reyes de Navarra.

No fue ni lo uno ni lo otro. Eran fundamentalmente gente influyente del valle del Ebro. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Banu Qasi – Wikipedia

Lubb also occupied and refortified Viguera. Las guerras en Castilla y la “Beltraneja”. Spain in the Middle Ages. Over the next decade Musa expanded the family’s lands to include Zaragoza, NajeraViguera and Calatayudwhile also governing Tudela, Huesca and Toledoand according to the Chronica Adefonsi tertii regisMusa had his followers call him “the third king of Spaniae.

Todo ello es probablemente accidental. Mutarrif ibn Muhammad ibn Qasi, Abd Allah’s brother, rushed to relieve the city, and Abd Allah was ransomed, his daughter Urraca and probably son Qadi ibn Abd Allah being given as hostages.

The speculated homeland of Count Cassius was a qssi strip across the Ebro from Tudela.

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