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For example this is not possible with an iPhone. I have tried another approach. As in the original postyou can use Blueterm to send 1, or 0 zero from your Android phone to the Arduino and switch the LED on or off. So this is, I think, an error somewhere in the analog part of my circuit.

Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial |

Note that I am still using a voltage divider to shift the TX signal from the Arduino to 3. In any case, you might need to add some delay after pulling up the pin, as bluegooth needs some time to get the pull-up effective. Hi Charles, you nailed it!

No such file or directory how do I include the library in my project? This error can be caused by a number of things, so it is hard to pinpoint the problem without more info. I hope that this post is useful for anyone else who might receive the V1.

Thanks for the hint, that made it more clear for me and finally it worked. I never heard about the android app, and that was really awesome. But I started to use PDD macros to set things like this.


Simply connect the 4 pins to your Arduino board. It is recognized as HC Then the Bluetooth module will pull the signal to logic 0 through the diodes and the pull-up resistor will pull it to logic 1, and all should be well…. I was wondering if after enabling the pull up resistor i had to wire bluftooth pin to ground?

And thanks for the article, Erich! The string from the host arrives on the Tx pin with baud too: Problem solved by inserting line of code in sketch setup: If there is any data received by the bluetooth module, send it over the regular Serial connection to our PC.

Thanks for your answers, Then it is safer to use a serial module between HC and serial db9 modem port, as it works flawlessly now.

And because it is hard to get schematics, things will be hard to find a problem. Enter Device Pairing Code. As for the signal levels: With all the comments thanks!

To inspect the differences, I removed the shrink tube around the board with a sharp knife cutting the tube on the side be careful! In general, a pull-up resistor on any input is the right starting point, as it puts a pin into a safe, defined, state if it is jy-mcuu not connected. Sending an AT from the Microcontroller shows that the command arrives at the Bluetooth module too:. Board Top side, with the HC pin functions as I know it see this post:.

Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial

It also provides some information on how to change the baud rate, device name and passkey, so make sure to check the data sheet. Great tutorials you provide! However, the presence of a pull-up will also draw unnecessary current if the input pin is being driven, correctly, to logic 0 by external circuitry. But wen I tried to bluetopth to the module, bluetkoth failed: And suspect that is why the diode has appeared on your Bluetooth module. And when i enable the software pull up in the RX pin on my microcontroller, nothing different happen.


Hi Erich, I have tried another approach.

You will often measure about 1V on the bluehooth rail of the chip you think is powered down. The module did jjy-mcu report back to the microcontroller. If you open up SoftwareSerial constructor docsSoftwareSerial constructor is defined as such:. Bypassing the diode is only an option if you know what the problem is.

Bluetooth Module Probing send from Microcontroller. No response back from the module, or unknown response:. Not elegant, and not recommended for a product you are going to sell, but probably safe and reliable for the lab.

Getting Bluetooth Working with JY-MCU BT_BOARD V | MCU on Eclipse

Here is a picture of the updated wiring. If it is in transparent mode, then characters are sent over the air. I suggest for the Arduino user, a code for the setup like the follow:

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