Many candidates who are preparing for this BSNL JTO exam are in search of BSNL JTO Question Papers of previous years. Many candidates have requested us. latestjobs provides BSNL JTO Previous Year Exam Paper and their answer or solution. BSNL JTO Sample Exam Papers | BSNL JTO Model Papers| Latest. Latest bsnl question papers and answers,Placement papers,test pattern and BSNL Tech Assistant Placement Papers Contributed By BSNL JTO Tech Assisst.

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An amplifier has a band width of 20 KHz and a midband gain of 50 without feedback. A memoryless system is ” a causal b not causal c nothing can be said d none Answer is: Ansers yourself in advance and queston which question to attempt first and which to leave.

Article of Indian Constitution needs to be revoked in case- a President’s Rule is to be imposed b Emergency is declared c Services of a Government servant are to be terminated without any enquiry d A political party of national level is to be banned Answer is: Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers.

In colour picture tube shadow mask is used to- a reduce x-ray emission b ensure that each beam strikes only its own dotsc increase screen brightness d provide degaussing for the screen Answer is: The depth of penetration or skin depth for an electromagnetic field of frequency ‘f’ in a conductor of resistivity r and permeability m is- a inversely proportional to r and f and directly proportional to m b directly proportional to r and inversely proportional to f and m c directly proportional to f and bsln proportional to r and m d inversely proportional to r and m and directly proportional to f Answer is: Number of nybbles making answwers byte is ” a 2 b 4 c 8 d 16 Answer is: Compared to bipolars, FETs have- a high input impedance b low input impedance c same input impedance d none Answer is: Here you will be able to find last 10 year sometimes even more or less question paper for absolutely free of cost.


Pirani gauge is used to measure ” a very low pressures b high pressures c pressures in the region of 1 atm d fluid flow Answer is: Current Affairs General Knowledge. When an ac current of 5A and dc current of 5A flow simultaneously through a circuit then which of the following statement is true?

A satellite link uses different frequencies for receiving and transmitting in order to ” a avoid interference from terrestrial microwave links b avoid interference between its powerful transmitted signals and weak in coming signal c minimize free-space losses d maximize antenna gain Answer is: One of answera following statement which is true for relative dielectric constant is – a It is dimensionless b It is not equal to unity for vacuum c It’s value for all substances is less than one d None Answer is: The transmission does not have – a Partition noise b Flicker noise c resistance d Short noise Answer is: The poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple quesgion interlace bznl the negative real axis with a pole closest to the origin.

In which year did the fall of Bastille take place?

Equalizing pulses in TV are sent during- a horizontal blanking b vertical blanking c the serrations d the horizontal retrace Answer is: Shifting cultivation is commonly used in which of the following states? For small size, high frequency coils, the most common core material is a Air b Ferrite c Powdered ion d Steel Answer is: Ninth Plan in India ranges from- a b c d Answer is: Lastly, they will let you know the nature of questions that can be expected in Exam this year.

BSNL JTO Previous Years Question Papers with Solution – Ekxam

A four quadrant operation requires- a two full converters in series b two full converters connected back to back c two full converters connected in parallel d two semi converters connected back to back Answer is: You can buy a book. Please enter your name here. Korea b France c India d China Answer is: In a forward voltage Triggering thyristor changes from ” a off state to on state b on state to off state c on state to on state d off state to off state Answer is: Go get yourself a Government Job by getting these Previous year Papers.


Intrinsic semiconductors are those which – a Are available locally b Are made of the semiconductor material in its purest from c Have more electrons than holes d Have zero energy gaps Answer is: Considering the conditions- 1.

BSNL Question Papers – BSNL Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec 2018

What is the opposite of Asperity ” a gentility b superiority c kindness d clarity Answer is: The electrical conductivity of metals which is expressed in ohm-1 m-1 is of the order of – a b c d Answer is: The time duration for solving the questions will be 3 hours. In an electronic circuit matching means – a connecting a high impedance directly to low impedance b selection of components bsln are compatible c transferring maximum amount of signal between different kinds of circuits.

A system consists of 12 poles and 2 zeroes. Our site is the extreme source for downloading question papers in free.

This will help you realize the challenges better. How much electricity does India propose to generate through nuclear power by the year AD?

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