Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION AND BASIC CONCEPTS Thermodynamics C Classical thermodynamics is based on experimental observations whereas. Solucionario termodinamica cengel 7ed (1). 1. LIBROS UNIVERISTARIOS Y SOLUCIONARIOS DE MUCHOS DE ESTOS LIBROS. Veja grátis o arquivo Solucionario Termodinámica Y. Cengel y M. Boles 7ed enviado para a disciplina de Termodinâmica Categoria: Exercícios –

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The atmospheric pressures at various locations are to be determined. Otherwise, the two readings may deviate. Properties The densities of air and mercury are given to be 1. Therefore, the pressure in the gasoline pipe is Then set up the parametric table and solve. Post on Aug views. Assumptions The liquid and water are incompressible. For a given mercury-level difference between the two columns, the absolute pressure in the duct is to be determined.

Termodinámica – Yunus A. Cengel, Michael A. Boles – 7ma Edición

This will result in raising the bottle a little higher to overcome pressure drop. The amount of electric energy used in kWh and kJ are to be determined. The steak that is a better buy is to be determined.

Assumptions Water is an incompressible substance and the average flow velocity is constant. Analysis The power needed for acceleration depends on the mass, velocity change, and time interval. Assumptions The gravitational acceleration does not change with altitude. Then, gdz zTR PdP. fermodinamica

It violates the second law of thermodynamics. The minimum imprint area per shoe needed to enable her to walk on the snow without sinking is to be determined. Properties The specific gravity of mercury is given to be Analysis The drag force depends on a dimensionless drag coefficient, the air density, the car velocity, and the frontal area.


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Therefore, the fatal level of hypothermia is a 5 K b The boiling temperature of water in the Kelvin and the Smith scales are They will simply cause a shift in emphasis in the course material from mathematics to physics. Discussion Note that jumping horizontally from one tube to the next and realizing that pressure remains the same in the same fluid simplifies the analysis greatly.

Its weight is to be determined in various units. The specific gravities of oil and mercury are given to be 0. If the diagram window is hidden, then all of the input must come from the equations window. Analysis The mass of the woman is given to be 70 kg. The differential height h of the mercury column is to be determined. Analysis The filling time depends on the volume of the tank and the discharge rate of gasoline.

Let us choose 1 kg as the basis for comparison. Analysis The atmospheric pressure is determined directly from kPa Its weight is to be determined.

The rate of heat loss is to be expressed per F, K, and R of temperature difference between the indoor and the outdoor temperatures. Analysis Applying Newton’s second law, the weight is determined in various units to be N9. The gage pressure in the same liquid at a different depth is to be determined. Discussion Note that this approach cannot determine the numerical value of the dimensionless numbers involved.

Limited distribution permitted only to teachers and educators for course 9. Using proper conversion factors, the unit cost of each steak is determined to be 12 ounce steak: Properties The specific gravities of oil, mercury, and gasoline are given to be 0. This cooling process termodinamia then an isobaric process.

Limited distribution permitted only to teachers and educators for course 7.

Termodinamica – 5ta Edicin -Yunus a. Cengel & Michael a. Boles

The pressure exerted on the surface of the diver by water is to be determined. This is a control volume since mass crosses the boundary.


The increasing pressure with depth in a fluid, for example, termosinamica be balanced by increasing weight. Analysis The absolute pressure P1 is determined from kPa Solutions can be verified by copying-and-pasting the following lines on a blank EES screen.

The density of the fluid is to be determined. Based on unit considerations, a relation is to be obtained for the volume of the pool. The V in the equation is a constant whose value is equal to the numerical value of the velocity in mph. No part of this Manual may be reproduced, displayed or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, without the prior written permission of McGraw-Hill.

For the given specific gravities and fluid column heights, the gage pressure at A and the height of a mercury column that would create the same pressure at A are to be determined. Area, A1 Analysis It is clear from the problem statement and the figure that the brine pressure is much higher than the air pressure, and when the air pressure drops by 0.

By opening and using this Manual the user agrees to the following restrictions, and if the recipient does not agree to these restrictions, the Manual should be promptly returned unopened to McGraw-Hill: This Manual may not be sold and may not be distributed to or used by any student or other third party.

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