Przypomnijmy: ś.p. dr Dariusz Ratajczak był wykładowcą na opublikował pamflet popularnonaukowy zatytułowany “Tematy Niebezpieczne”. Skandal roku: dr Dariusz Ratajczak i Tematy niebezpieczne. Front Cover. Dariusz Ratajczak. Infopress, – pages. The state-run University of Opole announced in early April that Dariusz into the publication of his book Tematy niebezpieczne (“Dangerous Themes”).

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Yes, we have lived to see times when, jokingly speaking but it is a bitter jokea historian should be a cross between an intellectual and a boxer After all, truth must have not only an individual dimension, but also a social one.

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Dariusz Ratajczak – Wikipedia

This article has multiple issues. While Ratajczak did not explicitly endorse these revisionist views, he appeared to agree with at least some of them.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A historian ought to know that truth has no hues; truth is always clear, and one. Ratajczak published copies of the book in March at his own expense. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved on 19 March Newsweek Poland in Polish. The publisher, a small firm in Temayt, reportedly censored the most “extreme” statements, placing them in notes at the book’s end.

Gruber report, Dariusz Ratajczak, in his book Tematy Niebezpieczne “Dangerous Topics”appeared to agree with Holocaust denierswho claimed that for technical reasons it was dariysz possible to kill millions of people in the Nazi gas chambersthat Zyklon B gas was used only for disinfecting, that there was no Nazi plan for the systematic murder of Jews raatajczak that a majority of Holocaust scholars “are adherents of a religion of the Holocaust”.


Ratajczak himself remained defiant, rejecting all the charges against him.

Kłamca nie ma już siły

A few thousand copies have been sold, Ratajczak reports. With a child to support, his financial situation is precarious.

Ratanczak spoke about his life, his views, and his ordeal in an interview given in In September Ratajczak arranged for a second edition of 30, copies, which was published by a small firm in Warsaw. Ratajczak’s book has been described as having involved the first serious case of Holocaust denial in Poland [6] though there have been other similar cases [4]. Ratajczak argued that he had merely summarized opinions of historians who hold dissident views on the Holocaust issue, and that his own views are not in line with all the opinions in his book.

Ratajczak remained defiant and denied all charges, appealing for an outright acquittal ; his critics also appealed demanding a harsher sentence, including a prison term. The verdict was criticized by some, including former victims of Nazi crimes, as too lenient.

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After study at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, he took a position in as a lecturer at rafajczak History Institute of the state-run University of Opele, where he was popular with students. Although the cretinous Marxists are already gone, they have been adequately replaced with empty-headed, politically correct idiots, who are as numerous in Poland as in Australia. Moreover, he called Holocaust “eyewitness” testimony “useless,” and described establishment Holocaust writers as “followers of a religion of the Holocaust” niebezpievzne impose on others “a false image of the past.


No Punishment for Polish ‘Holocaust Denier’

This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Ratajczak published copies of the first edition of the book at his own expense.

A Polish history professor has been fired by his university and banned from teaching elsewhere for publishing a book suggesting that wartime Germany did not have an overall plan or policy to exterminate Europe’s Jews. In that year he was dismissed following the controversy about his book Dangerous Topicsin which he asserted that the gas chambers at Auschwitz were used only to delouse the prisoners. A few thousand copies were reportedly sold through kiosks and news stands, and by mail order across Poland.

Kłamca nie ma już siły

Ratajczak published copies of the book in March at his own expense. He also cited the forensic investigations carried out at Auschwitz and Birkenau by Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf, and their conclusions that, for technical reasons, well-known claims of killing millions of Jews in gas chambers are impossible. The autopsy discovered that fatal alcohol poisoning was the cause of Ratajczak’s death. It was not immediately known whether he would get his position back. At his trial in mid-November, Ratajczak said that in his book he had merely summarized ratajzak of revisionist scholars who dispute Holocaust claims, and that views presented in neibezpieczne book do not necessarily reflect his own.

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