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Buy DIN LISTS OF SPARE PARTS; INSTRUCTIONS from SAI Global. Buy DIN LIST FOR SPARE PARTS; FORM AND DISPOSITION OF TEXT from SAI Global. NA BR – Steering Committee of DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering. Edition Original language German. Price from €.

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Toggle Clamp for Optical Measuring Designed for clamping parts during photometric measurement. Couplings In built adjustment feature 24420 no manual adjustment. Pull Handles Available in a variety of shapes for a range of uses.

DIN DE – Ersatzteillisten; Allgemeines (Foreign Standard)

Load Rings Allows full manoeuvrability of parts without unhooking. Compression Latches Ideal for sound proofing internal doors. Alternative products you may wish to consider. Torque Dampers Provide smooth and quiet motion of lids, covers etc. Shaft Hubs Our shaft hubs are available with or without a lock nut.


Machine Mounts Used to reduce vibrations whilst dampening shock loads. Shaft Clamping For clamping shafts, axles, columns, bolts, and more. Grips A wide range of grip and knob designs available. Heavy-Duty Side Clamping Offers maximum clamping force for smallest possible clamp.

Draw Latches Each latch is suited to its own specific application. Self-Aligning Pads Used to act as stops, supports and thrust elements.

Shock Absorbers Stops moving objects quickly, smoothly and without rebound. Typical UK delivery charge: Paddle Latches Range of different paddle latches to suit your every need.

Wixroyd Catalogue

Cam Latches Wide range of different inserts and materials to suit. Swing Handles Range sin different swing handles to suit your every need. Shoulder Screws Commonly used for food and pharmaceutical applications. A range of endless possibilities. Threaded Inserts Desgined to be press fitted or welded on. One Touch Fasteners Ideal solution for applications requiring rapid tooling. Sealing Screws Provide bi-directional sealing protection. Pneumatic Toggle Clamps Available in Std.

Low Profile Side Clamping. Select all d 1.


I don’t have an fin yet. Toggle Clamp for Optical Measuring. Linear Slides Available in a range of different lengths. Hinges A wide variety in designs and materials for any application.

Disk Dampers Can be used clockwise and counter clockwise. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps Designed for when higher clamping forces are needed. Product Datasheets Collar Nuts Pull Back Inserts Unique low cost solution to quick component clamping. Chamfering Tools Our range of chamfering tool create high quality chamfers.

Din – Wikipedia

Manufactured within working days from order. Cam Latch Accessories Assorted accessories to make the latch unique to your design.

Ready to despatch 20 Need more? Caps, Plugs, Masking and Inserts.

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