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Standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN Office work place – Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements. DIN – Amendments. This document has been replaced by:: DIN Relationship to other standards. This document references . DIN —1 Office work place — Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements, testing (September ). BGI Office.

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Phrynocephalus arabicus Anderson, and Phrynocephalus maculatus Anderson, Fig. The AU test for P. Thus, the splitting of Phrynocephalus into several genera is inadvisable. Maximum likelihood inference tree of Phrynocephalus based on analysis of nuclear AKAP9 gene fragment. This is the blog for the free 3d design software pCon.

Even 45443-1 for TV Moderators need to be planned and fulfill the requirements for office spaces. The primary center of radiation for Phrynocephalus in Southwest Asia best explains their apparent lag in radiation.

Monophyly of Phrynocephalus received high support as did several species-groups: Subgenus Oreosaura joining viviparous Tibetan species Fig. Later, Sokolovsky raised it to be a full species. Just invest a few minutes and infer neighbour-nets first. Monophyly of the P. Color marking of species groups corresponds to Figs. Lineage-through-time LTT plots gave a graphical representation of lineage-accumulation Fig.


You can add specific subject areas through your profile settings. Common use cases Typos, corrections needed, missing information, abuse, etc Our promise PeerJ promises to address all issues as quickly and professionally as possible. Dunayev aassessed the taxonomy and distribution of lizards in Kazakhstan.

Body size decreases early in the history of Phrynocephalussuggesting that initial miniaturization of its common ancestor was advantageous in wind-blown sand habitats.

Analyses of both mtDNA Fig. The results of our phylogenetic analyses require some taxonomic changes within Phrynocephalus. Central Asia in the north and Middle Asia in the south. Analog Meeting on the Digital Awakening More than 30 representatives of the office furniture industry got more… posted on October 12, pCon.

Subsequent analysis of morphological characters resulted in recognizing seven subspecies within P. Only three genera— XenagamaBufonicepsand Phrynocephalus —are strictly ground-dwelling, and this appears to be diin derived condition.

For ZDF, a large public-service 4534-1 broadcaster in Germany, the assurance of such measures comes with the help of pCon.

r, office space standards and the ZDF – pCon blog

While intraspecific taxonomy within P. Other lineages may have the same pattern. All members of the P. Maximum likelihood inference tree of Phrynocephalus based on analysis of mtDNA dataset with all non-Agaminae outgroups excluded from the analyses. Accordingly, rock-dwelling or climbing forms such dun AgamaTrapelusand Laudakia s.

pCon.planner, office space standards and the ZDF

Most species of Phrynocephalus have been found to be smaller than their common ancestor size categories 47—77 mm ; however, several lineages of Phrynocephalus have subsequently increased their body size P. Their relationships within Phrynocephalus remain unresolved Fig.


The nuclear phylogeny did not depict a shared heritage for P. Phrynocephalus hispidus Bedriaga, from Mongolian Dzungaria and Phrynocephalus sp. Based on the principle of monophyly, along diin the molecular dim morphological analyses of Solovyeva et al. Figure 5 shows the main events in biogeographic history of Phrynocephalus inferred from molecular analyses and paleorange reconstructions.

Similar spiny scales can occur in mouth corners of miniaturized psammophilous members of the P. You can also choose to receive updates via daily or weekly email digests. Two oviparous clades dispersed independently to lowland deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Middle and Central Asia.

The main difference between mt- and nuDNA trees is the positions of P. Viviparous Oreosaura occupied the QTP around Our analyses strongly suggest that the ancestor of Phrynocephalus diverged from other agamines around 27 Ma in late Oligocene, or ca.

Further studies are required to clarify phylogenetic relationships within this group. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. For biogeographic areas definition see Fig.

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