El quinto hijo has ratings and reviews. Doris Lessing’s contemporary gothic horror story—centered on the birth of a baby who seems less than. El quinto hijo – Doris Lessing. Done. Comment. 0 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Uploaded on May 2, All rights reserved. Show EXIF; JFIFVersion – El Quinto Hijo (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Doris Lessing ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction, Books.

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El quinto hijo – Doris Lessing

What did everyone else think of this slim volume? The beginning of the book is hard to get through – it rushes through explanations of who Harriet and David are and what they want, and how other people view them. The Fifth Child, by Doris Lessing.

View all 13 comments. Leszing means that they’re some kind of evil demon baby that God sent you as punishment for some reason or other, and that he’ll make your life a living hell and your family would probably be better off if you just got rid of him altogether.

I cannot recommend this book to anyone. A chilling horror tale of motherhood gone wrong, that my current reading of We Need to Talk Hujo Kevin for my book group prompted me to revisit, as it has many overlapping themes, and I could not stop thinking about the similarities between the two books. Earlier review I can see what Doris Lessing was going for, but Time frames sometimes don’t make sense, certain events are hackneyed and predictable, the dialogue often stretches the limits of plausibility The only testament to any sort of greatness I guess would be their coupled desire to have a lot of children.


Or is he truly the embodiment of all unhappiness man tries to fight during his life? However, upon seeing the horrendous conditions, Harriet rescues him from near certain death, and in doing so, sacrifices her relationships with the rest of her family. Harriet decides, along with David who is working more and home lessthat Ben is not of this world. E vogliono anche una casa grande, grandissima, in modo che ci sia spazio per tutti, anche per grandi riunioni famigliari con parenti ed amici.

Harriet and David Lovatt, parents of four children, have created an idyll of domestic bliss in defiance of the social trends of late s England. For me it is more an untreated subject.

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These wars did arise, and destroyed a beautiful household with all the loving children. At the end, however, it was very sad and heartbreaking: The extended family drops in for Easter, Summer and Christmas vacations and the big house is always full and James helps yet again with the grocery bills. See more of my book reviews on my blog, Stephanie Jane If Ms Lessing intends to explore sociopathy and psychopathy, then she would do well to explore the inner life of the characters.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I remember Freud said somewhere that society is not comfortable with happy families, because, being strongly attached to one another, they tend to cut themselves off from others.

With the help of David’s dad, they move into their dream house which would have been otherwise far beyond their means, and four beautiful children are born in quick succession. For example, I didn’t see the Lovatts pre-Ben the fifth child as a “perfect” family, or even a very good family – they obviously couldn’t afford the children they were having or the house they were living in, and they didn’t seem to be particularly good parents. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


And several of the decisions Harriet is confronted with will be sadly familiar to those with family members who are severely disabled. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Trivia About The Fifth Child.

El quinto hijo by Doris Lessing (1 star ratings)

See all 3 questions about El quinto hijo…. Takes a snarky tone toward the parents who, old-fashionedly, want a lot of children. During the rest of the novel, the arrival of Ben causes the absolute destruction of the idyllic family life which they have constructed. Simply because their house was constantly filled with free-loaders, didn’t imply to me that their family was so great. I figli non sono mai una passeggiata OK, I really love modern books as in them being shorter compared to biblical-length classicsbut some things are so left out in the middle of nowhere, you just need to know what happens next.

Beginning in a Swinging-Sixties England — when David and Harriet meet and dorris in love — it traces the story of how the couple attempt to set up a model suburban Happy Family in the face of disapproval from their own families who, irony of ironies, have their own problems of failed relationships.

They were not, and as such came off too strongly as a parody rather than an actual family. Harriet ingested a quinti smoothie every few hours.

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