An in-depth look at ENFP careers, jobs, and majors, including analysis of their predominant Holland / RIASEC career interest areas. INTP 42% INFP 33% ENFP 11% ENTP 5% INTJ 3%. One is from Purdue, which says it’s the ENTP or ESTP. From personal experience, I can communicate better with ENTP or ENFP, and I think.

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In general, ENFPs shy away from the hard sciences e. While by no means a comprehensive career list, ENFPs may find the following careers, jobs, or majors worth exploring: Last Jump to page: Want to add to the discussion? Thank you for the insights. Marketing is an important element of entrepreneurship, one which ENFPs may actually come to enjoy. There truly is no one else for me. Not an easy ride that one.

They have to have an interest and they have to get excited about something. Could relate to a few of them I suppose though. This reminds me of this video I made in https: How to curate as a team? Creative careers allow them to directly utilize their Ne-Fi combination in creative and meaningful ways.

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Why not to date (me) the male ENFP | insanekender

How to grow my audience and develop my traffic? The traits people look for in another person, when grouped together, work to commonly create a Jung-like personality type. Must know what they think about issues.

Both being on the same intoxicatingly romantic spazzy level?! Alice July 8, at 6: ENFP- They complement each other, so this is a pretty good one.

Christina Breann and MelBel thanked this post. Note that each 4 letter type has corresponding functions that give a deeper and richer understanding of each type. Add Thread to del.

CynicallyNaivejayyy and isamanthax thanked this post. I don’t like being charmed and I can’t deal with any kind of falsity.

Want change, direction, growth. Yes, I have walked out on a job… But things always work out and it always gets better. ENFPs are intelligent, creative, versatile, good with people, and can have a knack for entrepreneurship and leadership. I voted other because I don’t know who my ideal match is yet. Wrong, remember telling you we are bored with you is a source of conflict. Isabella Granger May 2, at They may study mathematics, the physical sciences, technology, engineering, computer science, etc.

This can help individuals identify their best career choice.

ENFP Careers, Jobs, & Majors

Some of us are arrogant AND avaricious. Otherwise they seem to plain to me. Brian Alexander McClean March 4, purue 1: What is the ideal match for INFJ?


Some love the intensity of the ESTP. If you get in a relationship with an ENFP, you had either be rich or have a damn good purvue plan. It all depends on the INFJ.

I am a computer programmer, going back to school to become a psychologist. By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop.

However, there is a discrepancy with introverts. I just found out my personality type is an enfp… After reading all the negative perspectives regarding being an enfp. This site uses cookies. Serane thanked this post. The MBTI sorts for type and each type has a specific function order. It is therefore not surprising that this interest domain is correlated with a preference for Thinking over Feeling. You can decide to make it visible only to you or to a restricted audience. I have a friend that is a P and i find it very frustrating when he forget things, comes too late, wear messy clothes, his car and apartment is a mess etc.

ESTP- Dating the complete opposite may be exciting, but it’ll probably create some problems.

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