Music of the Spheres was named as one of the American Library As Murchie was then residing in Spain, the managing. Buy a cheap copy of Music of the Spheres: The Material book by Guy Murchie. Beginning with the solar system an reaching all the way to the dividing line. Report repeated from an earlier bulletin, when scheduled for January publication, as follows: “”This is a full cornucopia of sophisticated writing about broad fields.

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He was, successively, a world traveler; a war correspondent ; a photographer, staff artist, and reporter for the Chicago Tribune ; a pilot and flight instructor ; a teacher; a lecturer; an aerial navigator; a building contractor; and founder and director of a summer camp for children. The latter three books were chosen for promotion by the Book of the Month Club. Murchie was the son of Ethel A.

Marshaland a prominent Boston attorney [5] who at one time served as attorney to Winston Churchill. Murchie, who as an adult stood 6’6″ tall and weighed lbs. Instead he left before receiving his credentials on a trip headed to the Far East. Murchie returned to the States in From the experience, he gained a deep-seated appreciation for the basic commonality of humanity across any divide of culture, [9] and in he published his first book with his own illustrations — Men on the Horizon —in Boston [11] and London, [12] dedicating it to his mother.

In the same year he married Eleanor Forrester Parker Cushman, [4] [10] who was some 26 years his senior. Although the marriage eventually failed, Murchie dedicated his book The Seven Mysteries of Life to her after her death in Inhe married Barbara Cooneyand fathered two children – Gretel and Barnaby – within three years.


The marriage did not last, and Cooney left him. When Murchie graduated from Harvard inhe set out on an overseas journey, not even bothering to attend commencement, packing notepads in anticipation of publishing a travelogue.

He began by working as an able-bodied seaman through the Panama Canal and up to Alaska, working the rails up to Whitehorse, and rowing himself down the Yukon River, then hiking, hitching a ride, mucrhie riding freight trains down to Seward.

Unable to buy a ticket, he stowed away back to San Francisco, ultimately having to pay for the ride, and from there joined ship’s crews to Hawaii and then to Japan.

From Japan onward, Murchie paid his way as a passenger, visiting several cities in China, the Philippines, Manchuria, Korea, and then Siberia, finally riding west gy the Atlantic on passenger trains. He traveled frugally and sometimes suffered from the extreme cold of Manchuria and Siberia, as well as from the long waits in Soviet lines for food, train tickets, etc.

The travelogue does not cover his travels beyond Moscow.

About the rest of [the world] I know only that it is made up of vast masses of men grouped in races and classes, unknown to each other, uninformed about each other, doubting and disliking each other — and yet, all of them made in the same image and of the same material, and all human.


In China, Murchie was exposed to some of the signs of the coming Communist revolution in China, for instance contrasts of starvation and gluttony, and frequent reports of conflict which Murchie reported as comically harmless. He summarizes, “China is not nearly so unstable politically as it seems. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd wrote the foreword on the heels of his first Antarctic expedition – and wrote of first being interested in the “clean man” of Murchie, and did not take sides in Murchie’s views on the governments of the day but was very struck by the encounter with people.

The book was a success. It was generally well received, most of all for its humor, throughout America, [16] Great Britain, [17] Australia, [18] and New Zealand. Named and about the history of the Saint Croix River today forming part of the border between Maine and New Brunswick. Saint Croix, the Sentinel River was well received academically [20] and popularly [21] at the time.

However it continues to be of relevance as it was noted in the s [22] and then cited in post work on the internet. Murchie got the material for his breakthrough work Song of the Sky from his experience and investigations as an aviator and flight instructor. Though the subject of the book is largely science with some references to spiritual mattersthe content is delivered in Murchie’s characteristically poetic way.

murchje Song of the Sky was plagiarized by writer Alexander Theroux inghe because Theroux failed to source his notes. Originally published in [29] it was revised and printed in [30] and then reprinted in Of it Isaac Asimov is noted to have said “One can only stand amazed at the breadth of Mr. Murchie’s understanding and his ability to put the facts and speculations of science into colorful and nontechnical language.

In he published The Seven Mysteries of Life ; [36] it was reprinted in [37] and The book also discusses super-organism, language, properties of the mind, and individual consciousness. His review of literature identifies some 32 senses, as noted online. Be noble for you are made of stars. He often makes it very clear when his examples are based on empirically verified science, and when they are not. Verifiable sources and references are frequently mentioned, making this arguably an effort of journalistic objectivitydespite its overtly philosophical, religious and poetic content and style.

The subjects covered, however, are often exotic and unusual. While deeply concerned with religious philosophy, The Seven Mysteries of Life was a finalist musiic the National Book Award for science paperback. In hindsight, many of the fringe or discontinued areas of research that the book covers have recently been verified or rediscovered by modern experiments.

Examples include the highly refined communication method muwic in the waggle dance of honey bees, [45] the regeneration and immortality properties of the tiny Hydra genusand the existence of Quasi-crystals supramolecular.


A murchid story of Murchie’s was published in the “Winnipeg Tribune” in[46] and a piece in New Zealand in[47] but his steady job was at the Chicago Tribune. Some 37 ths stories were then printed in the Chicago Tribune under his name.

Some stories of his were noted in other newspapers. Gowenlock, published in Murchie began coverage of World War II with five stories printed in[48] actually went overseas with fourteen inthe year he was mhsic unjured in an air raid, [55] three infive in Then he was back in the States. In Murchie left the Tribune to work as a flight instructor and aerial navigator. Andrews at the house, [3] while Cooney and Murchie divorced in About a decade after the war, and immediately after Murchie’s book Song of the Sky won him acclaim as a Book of the Month Club author, he began to be more public about his religion.

The Murchies settled in Santa Barbara. Around this time, Murchie reunited with his daughter Gretel and traveled with her to India. Murchie spent his last years in a group home in Orange County.

In January musicc Toronto newspaper The Globe and Mail published a string of articles by Murchie – a couple new [82] and eight reprints from Murchie died in in Fullerton, California. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Music of the spheres – Guy Murchie – Google Books

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Music of the Spheres by Guy Murchie (, Hardback) | eBay

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