Field of Healthcare (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG), last amended on 20 System and their Employees were published in December reading of the proposal in November In the second part of .. Germany, the Remedies Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG) were in line with the. Health on the Net Foundation. (accessed 9 June ). I S. ) vom 26 April Heilmittelwerbegesetz. [18] ICMJE.

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They increasingly require the involvement of widely diverse institutions in the healthcare system. The health policy environment and the heimittelwerbegesetz field for the development, sale and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals are in a state of upheaval.

Heilmittelwerbegesetz by Germany and Ulf Doepner (, Book) | eBay

As regards the provisions of certain services to the patients, please see question 9. In general, such descriptions are permissible as far as they are necessary to provide for the relevant information to, e.

If so, what aspects should those SOPs cover and what are the requirements regarding specific personnel? This legal provision stipulates the following requirements heilmlttelwerbegesetz distributing medicinal products under the conditions of named patient supply: However, a mere statement on a website where the details of prescription-only pharmaceuticals are only directed to healthcare professionals, or a simple unverified question asking whether the corresponding person is heilmittelwerbegesehz health professional, is not sufficient.

Healthcare professionals may be involved in market research exercises relating to such marketing materials if it is ensured that the involvement cannot be deemed to circumvent prohibition against promoting unauthorised medicinal products or indications. Otherwise, the comparison may be misleading and, therefore, unfair under the rules of the German Act against Unfair Competition. The question of whether or not the provision of gifts or other benefits is permissible therefore depends on the circumstances of the individual case taking into consideration the different regulations and rules.

Highly decentralised, the Statutory Health Insurance SHI service is run by doctors at practice level and most hospitals are non-profit organisations offering in-patient care. If so, what is the procedure for approval? Medicines that can be sold by pharmacists only apothekenpflichtig. German companies and companies acting in Germany regardless of whether any marketing authorisation has already been granted to the respective company.

Industry and Commercial Chambers are also entitled to such claims. The reasonable amount for hospitality is defined as EUR and is only justified if the educational event takes place for a duration of more than 8. A pharmaceutical company should not bear additional costs. heilmittelwetbegesetz


Can and, in practice, do, the competent authorities investigate matters drawn to their attention that may constitute a breach of both the law and any relevant code and are already being assessed by any self-regulatory body? Comparisons with the medicinal heilmiftelwerbegesetz of competitors are only permissible with respect to advertisements to healthcare professionals; such comparative advertising is not allowed to the general heilmittelwerbegesez.

Germany ranks lower than other European countries on innovation, despite its pioneering successes in the s and heavy investment by companies, particularly big pharma. In this regard, it has to be noted that the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice contains a prohibition against the provision of direct conference support to participants who do not act as speakers. Additionally, an 201 can be brought before the local administrative courts.

Even if there is no requirement for prior 20100 in all cases, can the authorities require this in some circumstances?

Institutions may be provided with such information so long as the rules noted in question 2. Supervision See aboveRegulatory authority. Moreover, the collaboration has to proceed in a transparent and open manner. Industry codes are not compulsory but serve as a means of interpretation for the courts when assessing whether a marketing activity infringes the applicable legal provisions.

The stipulated compensation must be reasonable with respect to the services to be rendered. In the last quarter ofthe German economy actually shrank by 0. Under to the separation principle, the fees paid by a pharmaceutical manufacturer for a service provided by a health care professional must not constitute an incentive to recommend, prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer specific medicinal products.

Home Practice area Pharmaceutical Advertising Germany.

Distribution and marketing of drugs in Germany: overview

The use of smartphones is also widespread in Germany for divulging and accessing medical information online. Infringements of rules for the protection of fair competition by pharmaceutical manufacturers can be pursued by the competent national authorities.

We need to be more creative when looking for editorial space and show engagement with all different groups. No guidelines on market research have been published to date. Substitution by prescription reimbursable medicines takes place when appropriate.

Heilmittelwerbegesetz by Germany and Ulf Doepner (2000, Book)

A special reduced fee of EUR, for biological medicinal products. Advertisements to Healthcare Professionals. A volume-related discount heilmittrlwerbegesetz — as a general rule — considered to be a benefit within the meaning of Section 7 HWG, and therefore, is not permissible.


Unsolicited information, as well as material sent upon request, will be considered as a prohibited advertisement if the company distributed the information within its product promotion.

The government has tried to reduce costs by introducing an out-of-pocket modest fee to see a doctor, charges for non-prescription drugs and cuts on free alternative medicine. Required contact information includes the name of the company, domicile, address, legal form, representatives, an email address which enables the user to contact the company quickly and easily, commercial register, registration number of the commercial register, competent regulatory authority, sales tax identification number, etc.

To be considered as possessing the necessary expert knowledge, the person in question must provide proof of experience and skill in respect of the proper filing, packaging, labelling, storing and marketing of medicinal products that are released for trade outside pharmacies.

The wording of the AMPreisV does heilmittelwerbetesetz directly regulate these relationships. In the new regulatory landscape, heilmittelwerbegeswtz have to start much earlier, in the pre-launch phase, with communicators thinking laterally and treading carefully.

Therefore, the same rules as for other types of advertising apply. Engagement with patient organisations This applies, for example, to the provision of so-called patient support programmes which aim to support patients with the administration of a prescribed pharmaceutical that follow a complex therapy regime.

In addition, information regarding subsequent essential modifications to the trial protocol, as well as interruptions and early termination of the clinical trial, shall be included in the report.

Country report: The healthcare market in Germany – PMLiVE

The negligent breach of these regulations may be punished by an administrative fine of up to EUR 20, However, as a general rule which is based on guidance published by the German Federal Chamber of Physicians, hospitality must — generally — not exceed reasonable limits beyond the requirements of politeness and courtesy generally EUR 50—60 per physician.

Stricter regulations apply for member companies of the FSA. There also has to be a specific relationship of the special benefit to prescription practice. Pharma analyst Anne-Charlotte Honore, writes:

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