Ikkyu Sojun’s poetry is irreverent and iconoclastic, bitingly critical of false piety, hypocrisy, and formalistic religion. His poetry is often frankly erotic, sometimes. convolutions of fourteenth-century Japan and the organizational shenanigans of the official Rinzai Zen sect—was the legendary Ikkyu Sojun (). Browse through Ikkyu Sojun’s poems and quotes. 8 poems of Ikkyu Sojun. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee.

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I want the firm warm breasts and wetness of a woman” “Eight inches strong, it is my favorite thing The poet here has returned from a walk only to find the perfume of flowers clinging to his clothes, confusing his sense of reality and place. Ikkyuu was the subject of numerous paintings ranging from realistic portraits to imaginary depictions of his various exploits.

Episode 71 – Discussing the Wild Life of Ikkyu Sojun with Robert Subiaga | The Drunken Taoist

But his feelings soju being an abbot remained mixed as his bitter poems from this period shows. My hand, how it resembles Mori’s hand. A yamabushi happened to meet this priest strolling up the path playing his flute like a wandering komuso.

Thus in the last decade of souun life he finally exchanged his straw sandals and reed hat for the robes of a prestigious abbot over a major monastery.

If tonight I were to be made such a proposition, The withered willow would put forth new spring growth.

Ikkyu Sojun

But when the food arrived Ikkyu removed his robe and offered the food to it. Human birth is analogous to striking up a fire—the father is flint, the mother is stone and the child is the spark. This last travesty has extended even to fictionalizing his role as a child at the monastery; there is now a popular television cartoon series in Japan about the irrepressible acolyte Ikkyu. If you are in dire need of chocolate, audiobooks or awesome t-shirts, check our affiliates: Bokusai’s chronicle identifies Ikkyu’s mother as a lady-in-waiting at the imperial palace of Emperor Gokomatsu, who chose from time to time to “show her favor.


In the section given below he explores the Buddhist idea of the Void and nothingness: This movement occupied the remainder of the thirteenth century and was spurred along by unsettled conditions in China—namely the imminent fall of the Southern Sung Dynasty to the Mongols and a concurrent power struggle within Ch’an itself, which induced monks from the less powerful establishments to seek greener pastures.

Japanese Language and Literature.

Sex, Zen, and Poetry. The Life of Ikkyu Sojun

Ken’o was sporadic in his teaching style and was a strong sojuh in the supremacy of zazen. The concept changed across the various periods of Japan. This late-life love affair occasioned a number of erotic poems, including sojin that claims her restoration of his virility called by the Chinese euphemism “jade stalk” cheered his disciples.

Blows”, which depicts Tozan becoming enlightened when Ummon rebukes him for wandering from one monastery to the another.

During okkyu lifetime, Ikkyu saw the superficial Heian period end and the beginning of the Kamakura period. Grove Press,p. Master Abbot, whose Zen is this?

Tokiyori with a seal of enlightenment, making the military strongman of Japan an acknowledged Ch’an master. Versions by Lucien Stryk.

He leaves the position shortly after taking it and returned to his previous lifestyle. After Kaso repeatedly failed to discourage him, even once dousing him with water, the master relented and invited Ikkyu in for an interview. Then it flickers out. Undeterred, the Japanese answered all Mongol demands with haughty insults, with the not-unexpected result that in Kublai launched an invasion fleet.

Since Ikkyu dedicated poems to bamboo, to P’u-k’o, and to the shakuhachi, the later Fuke sect claimed him as one of their founding figures, though the supporting evidence for this thesis is very weak. Since the faith was definitely beginning to boom, the government prudently published a list of restrictions for Zen monasteries, including an abolition of arms a traditional problem with the other sects and a limit on the number of pretty boys novices that could be quartered in a compound to tempt the monks.


One moment he expresses doubt toward the value of the pleasure district:.

Monks shirk women, booze, and other worldly pleasures. Thank you to Chris Odell from Datsusara!

The maximum number of monks in sljun monastery also was prescribed, and severe rules were established governing discipline. Because of the bad reputation that it developed, the sect was often made subject to government regulation, and it was entirely supressed in Christianity today focuses upon traditional purity and appearance while wealth and power corrupts churches.

He is also known as Ikkyuu Zenji. This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. The terrified official declared he had built a monastery for a hundred Zen monks, and then raced home to start construction. But I almost lost my life over a missing ink stick.

But as his biographer James Sanford has pointed out, aojun real life of this truly great Japanese master has all but eluded us. Sanford speculates that his attraction for contemporary Japanese is that, in the legend of Ikkyu, “it is possible for the modern Japanese mind to re-discover ‘native’ examples of, and justification for, individualism—a term and concept whose full assimilation into modern Japanese culture has for over fifty years been blocked by a legacy of residual Neo- Confucian norms left over from [Japan’s repressive past].

Zen was now skjun and had powerful friends, a perfect combination to foster ikkyk and influence. His antics, parading through the streets waving a sword or carrying a human skull, and his numerous affairs with prostitutes celebrated in his poems, were presented as methods of understanding spjun Zen. Shock served Ikkyu well. Additionally, Ikkyu painted with ink.

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