Buy Impromptu Card Magic 3 Aldo Colombini DVD: Magic Kits & Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 25 product Magic Italian Style DVD by Aldo Colombini – Gently Used – RJ1 – Private Estate Impromptu Card Magic DVD Set, Volumes by Aldo Colombini. Like many of you, I too have been searching for all those card tricks that Too many cards (Aldo Colombini); Any Card At Any Number (John.

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Nov 7, I was curious if Aldo Colombini’s Impromptu Card Magic dvd’s was a good source to get some really good self working card magic.

I was needing some input I ordered the dvds. You will find some classic plots in that. You definitely can apply some in your routine.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Aldo Colombini’s Impromptu Card Magic Dvd’s

But not all are very strong. You’d better to check some review about the routine. I only watched And I have Vol 2 which is good in my opinion. Nov 9, What you get with Aldo’s DVDs, are value for money. Most of the DVDs contain ten routines, demonstrated in his easy going and humorous style. Think of them as ten spingboards, on which you can easily jump on and add your own spin or style.

There is nothing more technical than a DL or a count. Great magic and great value! In my opinion, much of Aldo’s own stuff and the things he chooses for compilations like the Impromptu Card Magic DVD’s is merely so-so.

Often there are procedure driven tricks down-under deals and the likewhich tend to be boring and not to be very magical. Count me as a fan of Aldo’s work. I own the Impromptu DVDs, alomg with several other sets of his. Yes, there are some down-under deal type tricks, but if you can’t find some great, simple, and impactful tricks on everything he puts out, then you’re just not looking hard enough.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate performer then you will get great value from Aldos work. That’s my opinion anyway. You’ll need to get his DVDs and decide for yourself. T have gotten a few things from Aldo like ring and rope magic and its been really good.

I am a fan of his rope magic,he makes it fun he is funny in my opinion.

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Impromptu Card Magic

Thanks for everyones responses mtstic Nov 10, Amgic needs DVD’s for self-working card tricks anyway? There’s not much to see on them. You’re much better off with some of the well known books on the topic: Better prices and many more tricks you can choose from.

As a reply to Mr Vlad. I will say all materials if performed by Aldo Colombini should be strong, because he know his materials very well.

But let’s face it, not all tricks itself is that strong. Of cause if you find a very good presetation, it can be. But some tricks even in very bland perform style magicc still will be very strong. That is what we call classic.

We always hear that “there is no bad trick”. This maybe right in a certain way.

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But in general there are bad tricks honestly. It is not only my opinion. It is said by some famous magicians. It definitely not related to Aldo’s work. There is no bad trick in his work. But I have to say some are good but not very good. Again I am try to give advice in a very objective way so that I can help people.

I will not easily say if it is from Aldo it should be good or bad. My opinion is based on my memory form I watched the vol long time ago. Because I can not remember everything, that is why I suggested him to check some review first. One thing I am sure is that Vol 2 definitely worth every penny I paid. As I said there are a lot of classic plots and can be used very easily. That is why I bought this one not vol 1 or vol 3, which probably is not as good as vol 2.

Again I could be wrong because it is a long time ago. But I still remember there are some similar small tricks I do not think you need them all. And there should be some better version for some tricks elsewhere. I do not agree Uli Weigel’s opinion that Aldo’s material are all so-so. But one thing I agree with him is that you do not need to have so many DVDs. From what I watched there are definitely better version tricks elsewhere.

I admit I learned most tricks from DVD. I really think if back in time, I should start by reading some books, because self-working card tricks are not that hard to understand and it will be less expernsive than the DVD. Feb 17, I don’t have a whole lot more to add to this except to say as pure hobby for me, Aldo’s material is just perfect.


I know who I am and who I am not. So when I do some card magic for friends and relatives, material by Also mgic Rachel goes over very well. I spend my energy on presentation. Feb 18, For me, Aldo’s DVD’s usually give me really good card tricks, that I can do ado some modest practice. I think the key to what he gives you is it’s the basics. You need to add your own style and personality, your patter, your own humor.

I have many of his e-books, dvd’s and magic tricks.

My go to list of impromptu card tricks | theory11 forums

You cannot go worng with his material, and his way of taeching you. Go to the website, http: So you’ll end up with 2 dvd’s 20 tricks total ,plus 2 e-books with tricks per book. Alro 11, Thanks for the link to the colombini web site.

Are the ebooks as good as the DVDs? Which do you prefer? Mar 14, Mar 16, I prefer the DVDs- I simply understand the material faster. I also feel the DVD material generally is better overall.

That’s my opinion and I’m sure others will differ!

Guranteed you’ll get solid tricks on each one. Sure, not all of them are the greatest, but what would you expect? Jun 16, If you do know, a PM would be nice but a response here would do too. I have a booklet I bought from Aldo about two years ago in which each effect has a musical title. I can not find the book at present to colomnini if Aria is in it. I do not see the book on his present website.

If the book turns up I’ll get back to you. Jun 22, Thanks Jack appreciate the response. Thanks Anything from Aldo is excellent, whether physical books, e-books, DVDs, contributions to journals,etc. Not all of his magic is “self-working”. But, there are no knuckle busting sleights.

I would respectfully offer a few observations. You can annihilate with colomboni seemingly simple card location. Many people consider Sam the Bellhop as a strong effect.

It well may be with the right performer.

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