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About. ISO/IEC is a framework of ITAM processes to enable an organization to prove that it is performing software asset management to a standard. There’s a new update to the ISO international standard for Software Asset Management (SAM). The launch has been fairly low profile. Vector’s Reporting Portal provides drill-down analysis of PC software inventory and license compliance, software usage, change history and upgrade planning.

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ISO/IEC Archives – The ITAM Review | The ITAM Review

The US federal government has identified SWID tags as an important 119770-1 of the efforts necessary to manage compliance, logistics and security software processes. Processes and tiered assessment of conformance”. The standard also advocates a tier-based approach to allow organizations to adopt ITAM processes that are suitable to the needs and size of the organization. You are viewing an old web page, please click here to view our new web site with our latest products and content.

Tool vendors — the ability to support multiple IT assets, and types of IT asset, without having to create and maintain unique instrumentation that is associated with each asset; — the ability to more easily aggregate usage information across multiple instances of an asset; — a much-improved ability to track resource utilization and IT assets in near real-time.

The manual component is labor intensive and cannot scale to support modern distributed enterprises. It is useful for every organization looking to ensure maximum value 197701 IT assets while reducing a variety of IT-related risk, including security-related risks.

However there is a still lot of info here:. This page was last isk on 8 Novemberat Having recognized some or all of these benefits, personal champions of the SAM cause drove a few organizations to become more pro-active and to begin to evolve their own SAM policies and processes. The aim is to benchmark your organization against the model and identify next steps to make progress with SAM.


A free copy of the overview and vocabulary is available here. Steve Klos [7] is the editor of The objective of the standard is to give organizations of all sizes information and assistance to assist at the risk and cost minimization of ITAM assets.

How the ITAM Review 12 Box model maps to ISO/IEC | The ITAM Review

Webarchive template wayback links. The organization determines to which of its IT assets this document applies.

Preview or Buy Here. IT asset management systems — Requirements. Given this heavy reliance, and fact that software is licensed and not sold, it is important to organizations to properly manage those assets strategically while ensuring installation and use of those licenses are legal. This document includes additional or more detailed requirements which are considered necessary for the management of IT assets. Vector’s monthly newsletter covers upcoming releases, training programs, and practical information on how to get the most out of Vector’s software and services.

The Optimization model assigns organizations to four levels of maturity: This should facilitate both understanding and their joint use. IT asset users — RUM data will typically be generated and processed by IT assets and automation tools, within the consumers enterprise boundary, for purpose of IT asset compliance and optimization; — RUM data is human readable and can provide improved visibility into resource utilization within IT assets independent of vendor or third-party supplied tools; — the ability to combine identification, entitlement, and resource utilization information together to perform quantitative and authoritative IT asset management, for example, to meet compliance requirements; — a much-improved ability to perform IT asset management in support of green data center strategies such as optimization of the use of power and air conditioning.


How the ITAM Review 12 Box Model maps to ISO/IEC 19770

But the standard simultaneously allows organizations to adopt a flexible applied to ITAM through its tier-based approach. Or in more simple terms you might summarize the levels as: Annex C of Microsoft Corporation has been adding SWID tags to all new releases of software products since Windows 8 was released. The ITAM Review developed a podcast with the project editor io end-user organizations can leverage this standard to their benefit.

Having a standardized approach also allows for certification which will be useful for ensuring partners and potential partners have these processes in place — reducing your risk.

In addition to WG21 members, other participants in the Development Group served as “individuals considered to have relevant expertise by the Convener”. The standard is also sufficiently broad enough for it to be applied in a variety of technological environments, including cloud-based computing.

The availability of training and certification schemes based on enables both individuals and organizations to gain knowledge of based SAM and have their level of knowledge evaluated.

The benefits to end-user organizations are numerous. David mentioned the material had been updated by Microsoft in September to reflect the newly revised ISO SAM standard but it looks like the Microsoft website has not been updated yet.

As of the time of writing February although other tools vendors have indicated interest in the standard but have not implemented same. Furthermore, any of the elements, attributes, or other specifications of part 2 which the ENT creator may wish to utilize may be used in this part as well.

This document can be used by any organization and can be applied to all types of IT assets.

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