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The Merits of Rajab

Rajab marks the beginning of the spiritual season of every believer ending with the end of the fasting month of Ramadan with the Eid Al Fitr. To him is the kingdom and to Him is all praise. It is dajab of the Sacred Months there are four of these in the Islamic calendar. Where are the people who are sincerely striving to reach Allah Glory and Greatness be to Him?

His station is raised times higher. Then, one should pass the hands over the face and submit his requests. The reward of our good actions is multiplied in the sacred months, so it is recommended to do as many good deeds as possible.

These three months are unmatched in their importance. There is no god save Allah, alone istkghfar any partner. Do those people who possess intelligence have the ability to understand the truth that is contained within this heavenly call?

And the blessing of Allah be upon the Master Muhammad and upon his pure rjab and there is no power greater than that of Allah Who is the Greatest in Might.

He becomes among those who will be steadfast in their salaat in the year which is to come. When one of the pious scholars became ill he said: As will be noted from the Hadith above and others to follow, fasting, be it for only one day during these months, is rewarded with untold bounties.


Rajab is the key to the months of goodness which follow it. Salmaan Farsi narrates that the Final messenger of Allah SAW said that there is a day in the month of Rajab on which if a person fasts and does Qiyaamul Lail night vigil on that night, he will receive rewards like a person who fasts for years and does Qiyaamul Lail for nights of years. In th e middle of the month 15 Rajab perform similar 10 Raka’ah and in each Raka’ah recite Surah Al Faatihah once, Surah Al Ikhlaas thrice, and Surah Al Kafiroon thrice and after you do your salaam at the end of each 2 units raise your hands towards the heavens and say: Thus it is recommended to seek much forgiveness in Rajab.

Dua’s for the Month of Rajab

From His hands only good is done and Who has Power over everything. He gives life and causes to diewhile He is Ever-living and never dies. For him is written for the fast of each day, one year’s worship.

He has betaken neither a wife nor a son.

The Rajab Istighfar

This way we do 10 Raka’ah in 5 pairs and the supplication after the salaam of the fifth pair. One of the things which should be done on this night is to look for the new moon and to recite the appropriate supplication that has been mentioned in the hadith. It stands alone, unlike the other three which come one after the other.

There is neither might nor power save with Allah, the Most High, the All-great. May Allah send blessings upon Muhammad and upon his Family, the Isyighfar.

The Rajab Istighfar

It sitighfar one of the months of Supplication and even during the period of Ignorance before the coming of Islam this was well known amongst the people and the Arabs of that time would always wait and anticipate the coming of this month so that they could supplicate and ask their needs. The month is My month and the servant is My servant and the mercy shown is My mercy.


A sacred month is similar to a sacred place. For this reason the scholars of Tarim hold a special gathering of dhikr on the first night of Rajab and a large mawlid the following morning.

Whoever calls Me during this month, I will surely reply to him and whoever requests something from Me, I will surely grant that to him and whosoever requests guidance from Me, I will truly guide him.

Where are the people who would sincerely thank Allah Glory and Greatness be to Him? He gives life and causes to die.

This night is the night of the 27th Rajab and the day of the 27th Rajab. It has been narrated: He will be raised with the Martyrs of the Holy Battle of Badr.

For him the deeds of the day is equal to that of the martyr. Hadrat Jibreel informed me “O Muhammad this is the sign between you and the Mushrikeen Polytheists and the Munaafiqeen Hypocrites because the Munafiq does not perform this Salaat. A t the end of the monthsimilar 10 Raka’ah. At the same time bad deeds are also more serious in the sacred months so we must do our utmost to avoid any wrongdoings.

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