You’ve been outbid on lot(s). Home. > Auction Product: qualifiavr Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) . There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. Basically, I’m in the market for. Danish Jamo, with a reputation for Europe’s largest manufacturer of acoustics, increasingly manifests itself in the AV-electronics. Design AVR deliberately.

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Aug 17, at May 8, Messages: There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. Basically, I’m in the market for an AV amp Then alas, some chunky bills came in don’t they always?! I therefore considered the Azur R – wrote it off cos it’s just a little too basic. Next the NAD T which is still at the top agr my present list Prior to the earlier related thread this morning I didn’t even know of Jamo’s AV amp existence!

Jamo Receivers (AVR-693, AVR-793) – has anyone heard them?

After a bit of research, I’ve quickly written the Jamo AVR off because of it’s poor show wrt video inputs. However jajo AVR appears to be a different kettle of fish. Firstly, it’s looks – WOW! Have a look at the pics here Next it has 7 channels vs 6ch on the NAD. There’s a review here rather favourable http: Aug 18, at 8: I have auditioned the Jamo and it sounded okay. Did not really get me excited. I would classify it with lower end Pioneers, Denons, Yamahas as far as SQ is concerned, but then again I was firstly looking at stereo playback.


Okay that is my opinion off course. Aug 18, at I’ve emailed the US retailer to see if he has any issue shipping to my rented US postal address.

JAMO AVR Channel Watt Receiver | eBay

avt If he hasn’t an issue, I think I might just go for it. You really seem set on getting one of these, without an audition or are you just dreaming.

Well it goes like this. The receiver has favourable reviews.

I’ll slap it on Ebay – if I don’t get my money back Aug 18, at 5: I’ll give my thoughts once I get my hands on it. Aug 19, at 9: JauntyAug 19, Feb 7, Messages: Would be interested in your findings – I found that Jamo review a avrr days ago as well.

Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) Auction | GraysOnline Australia

Aug 20, at Dec 5, Messages: Of course, if you buy one from jako USA it will be volts. Which is one more expense to consider, unless you already have a converter lying around. But it will ruin the 2nd hand price Ar 20, at 7: Aug 20, at 9: Aug 1, Messages: If you order from the US it will undoubtedly be classed as a “domestic” unit and will not have the voltage selector.


All other territories will be clased as “worldwide” and will have the switch. Aug 21, at 9: Jun 13, Messages: No matter how cheap it is, you should not buy stuff like this without demoing!!

I’ve afr demoed anything in my life!! Aug 21, at Sep 29, at Russraff – you were right High quality look, feel but most importantly – it sounds absolutely fantastic!

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