O estruturalismo da CEPAL na obra de Raúl Prébisch. Jorge Grespan · História ( forthcoming). Abstract, This article has no associated abstract. (fix it). Keywords. Este artigo procede a uma reconstituição de passagens centrais dos escritos de Marx, em que se explicitam os pressupostos lógico-filosóficos presentes no. T he article stresses Sartre’s still actual criticism of the Marxism of his own time, in the Critique of Dialectical Reason. It emphasizes, however, that its main target.

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Over the years, Marxist frameworks of analysis have retreated to the shrinking circles of vestigial communist parties, been muted by its practitioners in the interests of avoiding old Cold War polemics, or found their way at first or second remove into fields such as cultural studies, gender studies or postcolonial studies, where they are often disavowed.


This conference wishes to ask the question: To answer this question it is also necessary to have a clear picture of what Marxism has discussed and achieved in the field of historiography, and how much of this must be remembered and analysed in order to recover insights from earlier debates that have in the process of disavowal been forgotten.

Brigitta Bernet Uni Basel u. Reading Marx in the Divergence Debate Discussant: Benjamin Zachariah Uni Trier Marxism and the Debates on Slavery in Brazil Discussant: Amar Baadj Uni Bonn u.

Marxist Historiography and the Ancient Near East: Josef Ehmer Uni Wien From Meridionalismo to Microstoria: Lutz Raphael Uni Trier Marx and Today’s Global History Discussant: Benjamin Zachariah Uni Trier.

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For more information, visit: What is Left of Marxism? Lutz Raphael, Trier University. Benjamin Zachariah Uni Trier Day 2, This work may be copied and redistributed for non-commercial, educational purposes, if permission is granted by the author and usage right holders.


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