Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter. Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn – Pure sword-and-sorcery, inspired by greats like Glen Cook, Fritz Lieber, and Steven Brust. Kastor Auberlane is a. Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3 · Chapter 4 · Chapter 5 · Chapter 6. About criticism: Since this is an exercise in worldbuilding and backstory, rather than a real.

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I don’t believe there was ever a moment when I found myself skimming over a passage in boredom a nasty problem I’d been experiencing with published works — refreshing not to have that here. Kastor had to jam his teeth shut to keep from calling after him.

Jesse Hajicek

He counted the pennies onto the counter. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. There was little traffic. It was from these dissenters that she learned what the peasants were fleeing. He whispered to it. And don’t put your boots up on the chairs.

Here, I’ll sit beside your animal, and you can stay chrlnicles. Caught in a vise of oiled leather, something squirmed that was more like a tick than a spider, blue-gray and nacreous like dead flesh. She’d never suffered a misfortune bad enough to give her insight into a loss like that. It was all going to be fine.


But Miki is an uncommonly intense ghost, and things are getting personal. You never let me make my offer in full. Jack Saturday Can’t Fail – Jack is a vampire, a punk, a homicidal maniac, and a general menace to society.

The payment’s the same. Kastor Auberlane is a barbarian berserker — and a grumpy, insecure worrywart, but he has his pride. But he has allies he doesn’t expect, and they can lead him to a power that could defeat Rema They drew little attention on the civilized roads between Ytris and Gare, but there was a bit of excitement.

Master Fic List – Jesse Hajicek

Gods help him if he stopped being angry; he wouldn’t be able to speak at all. Sister Hirilyn, named for a virgin martyr, was unfortunately beautiful. I advise you to dhronicles a motherfucking lesson and leave. Where was Kaleya when people needed Her — what had the Mother of Mercy done lately to stay the hand of her father Death? More Kyri charms, she supposed.

The annoying immortal Mikah, a Mara, turns up wanting them chronicoes accompany him on a quest.

I don’t turn Excellent, beautiful read! Magda had not even seen them leave their sheaths.

Kastor Chronicles Series by Jesse Hajicek

Scowling, Kastor looked into his wine cup. Those whom she couldn’t help, she directed to the temples. It should scab soon, and if you keep it clean it will heal normally. She smiled her thanks as she indicated the trunk, and Hope returned a cheerful nod. Magda’s colleague and correspondent was a woman of science.


But there’s more to these powers than meets the eye, and a darkness from the dawn of history is awakening You’ll find my warning system explained here. The murmurs of distrust changed to wary gratitude. She didn’t need to explain this.

I beg to differ. One didn’t want to seem too eager to please, with mercenaries. The boy stared wonderingly at his arm.

But she didn’t regret having set out on this journey. Feferi wasn’t exactly perfect in that conversation, either, but then Dave was being a rude little prick Then he began stripping the boy’s clothing from him. Kastor was poking among the child’s matted curls with his gloved fingers, checking behind his ears.

When she saw how carefully he washed and dried his hands first, though, and how reverently he held the books, she stopped worrying.

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