Products 1 – 83 of 83 Kawasaki GTR Workshop Repair manual Download. £ Kawasaki GTR full workshop service manual. GTR. CONCOURS 14 ABS. CONCOURS Motorcycle. Service Manual . inoperative by any person other than for purposes of maintenance, repair. View and Download Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS owner’s manual online. Concours 14 (3 pages). Motorcycle Kawasaki GTR ABS Owner’s Manual.

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This note symbol indicates points of Always follow safe operating and main- particular interest for more efficient tenance practices. WARNING This warning symbol identifies special instructions or proce- dures which, if not correctly fol- lowed, could result in personal injury, or loss of life. Your new mo- torcycle is the product of Kawasaki’s advanced engineering, exhaustive testing, and continuous striving for superior reliability, safety and performance.

Please read this Owner’s Manual carefully before riding so that you will be thoroughly familiar with the proper operation of your motorcycle’s controls, its fea- tures, capabilities, and limitations. However, there may be minor differences between the actual product and illustra- tions and text in this manual. All products are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.


Overall Width 1 mm Wheelbase 1 mm Road Clearance mm 4. Specifications subject to change without notice. They are the only means of identifying your particular machine from others of the same model type. These serial numbers may be needed by your dealer when ordering parts. Right Handlebar Switches 2. Ghr Handlebar Switches 8. Front Brake Lever 3. Spring Preload Adjuster 9.

Rebound Damping Force Adjuster Front Key Knob Fork Headlight Aiming Adjuster 5. License Plate Light Rebound Damping Force Turn Signal Light Brake Filethpe Adjuster Spring Preload Adjuster Rear Brake Light Switch Brake Fluid Reservoir Rear Brake Pedal Rear Shock Absorber Fuel Tank Cap Brake Fluid Front 2.

Tire and Load Data 4. Vehicle Emission Control Information 5. Weight and Manufacture 8. Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram Daily Safety Checks Saddlebag Lock Caution Saddlebag Limit Caution attached in- side of the bag Saddlebag Lid Kawasai attached in- side of the bag. Saddlebag Load Warning Rear Carrier Caution Kawasaki Parts and Accessories motorcycle, make sure that the have been specially designed for motorcycle is not overloaded and use on Kawaskai motorcycles.


We that you have followed these in- strongly recommend that all parts structions.

Download Owners Manuals

Any passenger should be thor- motorcycle. Avoid carrying baggage oughly familiar with motorcycle op- that extends beyond the rear kawasako the eration. Kawasaki does not manu- i. Multi Function Meter E. Neutral Indicator Light J.

High Beam Indicator Light K. Kawasaki Multi Function Meter: The multi function meter displays the The speedometer shows the speed following modes. The following settings can be ad- justed in the multi function meter. The odometer shows the total dis- tance in kilometers or miles that the ve- hicle has been ridden. When the battery is disconnected, the meter display resets to 0.

This value should be referred authorized Kawasaki dealer. If the fuel gauge is not correctly dis- played, have the fuel gauge checked symbol are displayed alternately in the by an authorized Kawasaki dealer.

This indicates that the remaining in the tank is 4.

Refuel at the earliest opportu Fuel Warning Symbol B. Make sure the unit setting is correctly displayed before rid- ing. Language Setting Menu B.

The hour dis- for 2 seconds. Both the hour and mi- play stops flashing and the minute nute displays start flashing. Push the upper button to advance the mi- nutes. The oil pressure warning light tinuously. When rolling the warning message and warning symbol, the warning message shifts to the other warning In this case, have fuel injec- antenna and key has occurred. How- tion system or KIPASS system ever, when a properly coded key is checked by an authorized Kawasaki used, and the communication is dealer.

If the warning light comes B. Warning Light on or flashes, and warning message and warning symbol are displayed, have DFI system checked by an au- thorized Kawasaki dealer. Warning Light played alternately in the multifunction meter.

If the warning light comes on or flashes, and warning message and warning symbol are displayed, have immobilizer system checked by an au- thorized Kawasaki dealer. Warning Light ing message and warning symbol are displayed, have the ignition switch unit checked by an authorized Kawasaki dealer. Have the ignition switch unit checked by an authorized Kawasaki dealer. Warning Symbol Tire B. If this warn- ing message and warning symbol are displayed, the air pressure sensor should be consulted by an authorized Kawasaki dealer.


Front tire air pressure sen- sor battery is low. If the motorcycle goes away with the the registered fob or consult an fob left, the warning message is dis- authorized Kawasaki dealer for played. If the warning message is dis- starting the engine. If the warning A. Warning Light displayed, it should be done kawasaji an au- thorized Kawasaki dealer. If the warning message and warning symbol is displayed in the multifunction meter, replace the battery to kawaeaki new one at the earliest opportunity.

Registering additional fob should be done by an authorized Kawasaki deal- A. Fob Portable Key er. If all fob are lost, registering new co- B. Do not drop the fob or apply shocks to it. If fob is lost, re-registry at dealer is se- curely required to prevent the possibility of theft. If all fob are lost, an authorized Kawasaki dealer will have to replace the ECU, and re-register the new fob. Battery Replacement The fob has the battery.

Replace on- ly with the same or equivalent type.

Be sure to insert the emergency key in- to fob when using the normal use. Incorrect communication may occur by the location of the fob, even if the fob is located within the possible communication area. All electrical circuits off. Key knob can not be re- moved.

All electrical equip- ment can be used. Key knob can not be removed.

Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS Owner’s Manual

All LOCK electrical circuits off. FSS position for no mischief or antitheft. Key knob should be left at the lock position when parking the motorcycle. Kawasaki recommends that the key knob is removed at the FSS position only when opening the fuel tank, saddlebag, and remov- ing the seat.

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