LEGO set database: Coastal Rescue Base. Find great deals for LEGO Town Classic Coastal Rescue Base (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. LEGO Instructions Set Number Coastal Rescue Base – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions.

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New Set show only.

Instructions for – Coastal Rescue Base |

There are atleast two versions of the box: In elgo, the European box type was more likely the International version. Japan and South Korea actually had their own localized versions of the boxes around the early 90s.

Accessory track is a whole different animal. Posted August 13, edited. Some of them were reproduced the next years, either due to good sales sets were usually produced in one batch for several years of sales or maybe because they planned the change of the general color scheme and produced less boxes with the old layout.

Posted August 9, The European boxes had none of these specifications on the box. Honestly, I don’t know about Pirate sets. No links to web stores except shop.

LEGO #6387 – TOWN – Classic Coastal Rescue Base – 100% complete

It seems that there are some town sets that lack themes and therefore understandably they do not have the triangle. The top has a picture of the set on European boxes and the ldgo of the set on US boxes.


The was just a Google find searched “lego “. I do remember having seen a US box with ‘Town System’ written below ‘Legoland’ on the front but I can’t find any examples, I’m not sure though.

Intercoastal seaport was not available in the US until 637 don’t call this ‘available in Europe’. Most of the other 17xx sets were also released elsewhere.

These differences apply on boxes from the 80s and the 90s. Check What a great set.

From 13 to 15 languages were used on the side for informational messages and the required European Conformity CE marking was also present. Brickset is a good reference, but sometimes I have the levo that some sets are indeed US only even if not stated as this in Brickset.

The piece count on the front for Legoland, on the side or on the front for System. But US S H sets usually did not have a piece count, theme or name on them. For the most part this is true, however there are some exceptions on the US version sets.

LEGO Coastal Rescue Base

Only US boxes had the triangle. Below is a European yellow box from and an American blue box from TLG not only changed the box style and color, but the picture of the model became completely different. I found a picture of a European box. That means there are 4 different boxes for and probably a lot of other sets. The box structure could be different, like the fact they didn’t use trays on mid-range legoland sets ie.


When you started this topic, I remembered the picture of a box. These reproduced sets were then lgeo in the new blue ‘System’ box. Posted August 18, I am desperately looking for a US version of this set. Log in or sign up in seconds.

So, it might be tricky to find out were it was sold.

Limited releases based on dragster racing and other exotic car sports were usually intended for the US market as regular sets such as,,, etc.

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I don’t see it in my US catalogs and it seems no US sellers has one for sale on bricklink. Had this one too. Canadian boxes from the 80s have the peace count but are usually leo somewhat different. Most likely it was boxed in an European box version.

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