Liber Pyramidos by Aleister Crowley. With additional notes by Jake Stratton-Kent. A Guide to the Underworld. Published January, 20 pages. I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. I’m just reading up on Kairos and Iā€m wondering if I can use this archetype for the Liber Pyramidos ritual? How do I use the Chain, the Scourge.

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Making the Sign of the Enterer, declare: A lot of these details are described therein. Rise; and invoking Kundalini, declare: I give the sign that rends the Veil, The sign that closes up the Veil. The blue sky’s Queen!

Assume the Sign of Typhon and invoke: Yes, you can use a rope, a fork, a feather-duster and salad dressing for the oil. Who pins me down? The secret word of the Neophyte: If this is intended to effect your formal transition to Neophyte, then that’s absolutely something you should ask your Zelator about since they pyramjdos varying pramidos the standard system and not putting you through the temple version of Deosil to bar in N.


Yorke, the third set of annotations are in the hand of Kenneth Anger.

January 7, libber 1: I am not sure if my superior would recognise it however. For more than Thou am I! Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on ā€” Sunday Post.

Proceed as in the Building, unto the the word “Suns. Here’s the introductory paragraph: I know Thee, Lady of Teeu!

Let The Silence Speech beget! While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens.

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

John – it’s Crowley’s diary while he was writing Pyramidos. The Word takes its station in the East and the officers salute it both by speech and silence in their signs; and they pronounce the secret Word of power that riseth from the Silence and returneth thereunto.

Fear is on Seb, on them that dwell therein, Behold the radient Vigour of the Lord! I know not whence I came! Upon achieving Union, stand and declare: Contemplate Self as the Babe in the Egg of Blue, saying: The manuscripts I have been using are the ones that are freely available online but the one I have been referring to most of all is the key entry by Frater T.


Behold my radiance Peace, ye things abhorred!

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos |

I have only read the version on Hermetic. Dread Lord of Hell! He pyramicos the buttocks, cuts cross on the heart [4] and binds chain round forehead, saying:. When giving this as in ‘Speak fair words for I fear Thee not.

Invoking spiral dance to the left. For more that Thou am I! Share on Pinterest Share.

Liber Pyramidos ā€“ Zero Equals Two!

Begin the Banishing Spiral Dance to the right at the word “Let”. Saute with the following words:. It opens the Gates of Hell.

Oppose me not, judge, in my quest! I guild my right foot with the Light. I am Mentu the truth-telling brother Who was master of Thebes from his birth: Do what thou wilt.

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