Wow. In , George Lucus gathered together Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to go over ideas for a film Lucas had. READ >> RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Story Conference Transcript () George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan. “Now, several. TriviaGeorge Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan’s check out these transcripts of Spielberg and Lucas brainstorming the original.

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Add your details below and get funded! During the story conference, Lucas and Spielberg are adamant about including this sequence, especially to expand Indy’s global trek on his quest.

Can you see your work in these two trailers? You can unsubscribe at any time and we can remove your data entirely from our systems. S — You know what it could be.

Don’t worry, it’s a reasonable question already. NapoleonWilson Kqsdan search for raiders story conference transcript. George had already had the idea of the way the guy dressed, and Phil Kaufman had provided the Macguffin of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, which his orthodontist had told him about when he was eleven years old.

How They Write A Script: Lawrence Kasdan – Go Into The Story

The transcript is here. As the collaborators move on to outlining the story, the transcripts show that Lucas has very specific ideas about the set pieces, specifically the opening sequence. In the transcripts, Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan spend a great deal of time developing an action set piece in Shanghai, which is supposed to be the first action sequence after Indy leaves the university to track down the puzzle pieces that will lead him to the Ark.


Sometimes, we create entire sequences that we believe are essential to our stories, but in the end need actually need to be cut to service the story. What do I wish existed as a movie? L — Maybe the fact that he knows more about it than they do is the turning point of the scene.

Has the authenticity of the Raiders story conference transcript ever been determined? They had questions and it took lots of teamwork to hammer them out. Thanks for the mention!

It’s really more of a hobby than anything else. Have Lucas, Spielberg or Kasdan ever mentioned this transcript or its content at all? If we don’t make him vulnerable… S — What’s he afraid of? I thought that was the way in. And you can see it all through their work The transcripts reveal how Lucas envisions his hero with very specific details: The other thing we’ve added to him, which may be fun, is a bullwhip.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Listening to AFF’s Kasdan podcast reminded me of the extensive transcripts of the story meetings that George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Kasdan had in to flesh out the character of Indiana Jones and beat out the story of Raiders.

Going back to Spieberg of the Lost Ark and the story conference, which people have seen the transcript of that, that was the first movie.

How Lucas, Spielberg & Kasdan Created ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

While I can’t post as frequently as I may like, I do my best to make the few posts I can write worthwhile. The character’s name doesn’t emerge until much later in the story conferences, and someone doesn’t really like it.


What lessons do you find in the Raiders story conference transcripts?

The Last Crusade was Sppielberg. The serials are important to them. My initial response to them was that they were infinitely complex, that one image from Lawrence of Arabiasay, conveys so many ideas. Lucad — What does she call him, Indy? The story conference transcripts also demonstrate how much work and effort goes into making the exposition scene at the university play in a way that doesn’t feel like exposition at all:.

By signing up you can expect to get messages about filmmaking and associated courses, events, projects, launches and services. He gets to outrun the boulder.

Transcript from the Spielberg, Lucas and Kasdan ‘Raiders’ story conference

He sort of talks himself into the job. G — Indiana Smith. Lucas also knew exactly what this character looked like, how he dressed, and what made him unique:. That’s why I was sort of iffy about throwing it in. Just a little worried about him being too… G — That was what I thought. Maybe the Army officer is misinformed about some things.

I tend to write a scene many times over before going on. That fact that Raiders1 was rife with action and brief on the dialog also played to Spielberg’s strengths.

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