: The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourdes) (): Charles Brokaw: Books. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Brokaw follows up his debut, The Atlantis Code (), with Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds Book 2) by [Brokaw, Charles] . Thomas Lourds is a book series by author Charles Brokaw, focusing on the title character of Books[edit]. The Atlantis Code, ; The Lucifer Code, ; The Temple Mount Code, ; The Oracle Code,

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Grokaw helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Brojaw Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A sacred brotherhood has sworn, generation after generation, to protect this charle truth from those who would use it to unleash doomsday upon mankind. When the unthinkable happens, and the holy scroll is uncovered, the race is on to reveal the true meaning of the cryptic language.

Only one man, Dr. Thomas Lourds, the world’s foremost scholar of ancient languages, who we first met in the bestselling novel The Atlantis Code, can safely decipher this most deadly scripture. Lourds soon becomes the bait in the most lethal manhunt — knowing he must confront the true face of evil if the world is to be saved Hardcoverpages. Published August 31st by Forge Books first published January 1st Codee see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds, book 2) by Charles Brokaw

Lists with This Book. Nov 20, Anish Kohli rated it did not like it.

All right, I give up.!! And it hurts, it Physically hurts after getting through this book.

Why did you let me read this.?? It built me up and then pushed me down. But brokqw book, is a prime example of why Dan Brown has made it so big in this genre. This book has nothing to take you deep into the mythology. The secrets, the code breaking, the proverbial trail of breadcrumbs, the connection of all the ancient things to the sinister plot of present.

Nothing of that sort. The most basic thing that would redeem this book, the code breaking by Lourds, is missing. It is a story line that traces the stories of myth and the current world politics, a race against time.

And somehow, all of these players in the hunt of the scroll know that Lourds, only Professor Lourds can find it. So they go after him and sic him after the scroll like a bloodhound on a trail. Ok hold up, wait a minute, if the Brotherhood that is supposed to protect the scroll has not known about it for centuries, then why the hell have they not disbanded?

Say they have too much love to be disbanded, tell me, why they need the scroll now.?? The professor ocde given an ancient manuscript that holds the location of the much sought scroll. The only problem is, the manuscript is in an ancient lost language that also happens to be protected by some sort of a cipher.


But hey, Lourds is the man, man. He breaks the code and that too on the run, charless the while his life in danger. The secret brotherhood helps, it provides boarding and lodging to the professor.

The bunch of thugs simply drop out of the race. Now the luicfer that they locate, is nothing but another clue to a few more locations and artefacts that once found, would aid in deciphering the real message apart from the footnote stating: The Devil himself has been reincarnated as a mortal.

Fun, too much fun, I tell you. Then the part where the professor visits all the locations to get the artefacts is skipped by our beloved author, but never does he skip a carnal setting. Finally, after all the toil, Lourds manages to locate everything of need to decode the message. He keeps at it for days.

REVIEW – The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw

But what he manages to do, is find chicks willing to sleep with him. Practically lining up and begging for it. Then all of sudden, the devil calls him up and beckons him. He be a smart mouth. He be pissing him off. It is in a moment of heat, like lightening, his mind deciphers the final code, just like that and he manages to send the devil right back to where he came from, using the message that was on the scroll. And the world was saved. But not really, no.

This book manages to contradict itself. The author has simply written a book but paid no mind to justifying it. After a long time, I dared to pick this author again, goading myself into it by thinking: This book has better writing finesse, marginally, and for like halfway through the book, the story seemed to be building up to something of worth. But from then on, it was all downhill and it never stopped.

REVIEW – The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw – That’s What She Read

View all 5 comments. Jun 29, Shailesh Rojatkar rated it did not like it. The book started off well for me but sadly from then on, it was a downhill journey and after fighting off thoughts of putting the book down never to return to it, I was laughing like crazy at the end of the book. The book really has the most ridiculous climax!!!! The book never elaborates on the cryptic messages that are a key to unlock the code that is talked about in the book. Its just said that there is a message That leads to some more encrypted messages which too are never elaborated upon.

Its just that our protagonist solves them Sep 04, Sarah rated it it was ok. It was like if you mixed some of Indiana Jones in with a more bookish professor.

It was filled with a lot of adventure and questions about why various groups of people were after this professor and why he was the only one who could translate a long lost document.

It kept my interest fairly well and I didn’t mind the mix of luciefr and religion at all. The book flags at the end, though, to the point where they skip over how much of what the docume “The Lucifer Code” was a fairly interesting book.


The book flags nrokaw the end, though, to the point where they skip over how much of what the document that they finally found leads to, although I guess lucier author probably figured no one would want to read more searching, so I’ll forgive that. However, I did find the ending a bit too rushed.

You get this big reveal about who is the big bad, which you should have known all along, and then to get rid of the evil person it luucifer written in a very underwhelming fashion. Entertaining, sure, but it did leave me feeling like the author ran out of ideas and just finished a fairly engrossing book rather poorly. Nov 12, Jenn rated it liked it Shelves: I did not finish this book.

I was in past pages and the story wasn’t going anywhere, I have to say I’m disappointed bc. Mar 07, Jennifer rated it liked cnarles Shelves: The Lucifer Code charlws the second book to feature Dr. Thomas Lourds, but the first one I’ve read. Thomas is rather famous, between being the foremost expert in languages, discovering the lost city of Atlantis charle penning a popular novel that make the ladies swoon.

Each of these accomplishments goes hand-in-hand with different sides of Thomas’s personality. He’s a highly educated, brokaaw and knows it.

He’s got a lust for adventure. And he’s a ladies man who fancy’s himself quite attractive to t The Lucifer Code is the second book to feature Dr. And he’s a ladies man who fancy’s himself quite attractive to the opposite sex, especially those much younger than himself.

Sounds like Indiana Jones to me, except Thomas lacks self-defense abilities and has no real instinct of self-preservation when faced with danger. Where Indy would whip the gun from the bad guy’s hand, Thomas just kind of sits ludifer waiting to be shot — or saved by a much more impressive woman. Thomas is not exactly a womanizer, but feels as though he must take all carnal opportunities presented to him. He’s visiting a former lover, currently sleeping with her a lot and yet jumps right into bed with a pretty young thing.

When the former lover catches them, he expects her to be okay with it, because that’s just who he is. Thomas’s way with women will likely impress some and offend others. The adventure starts off quickly and proceeds at a jaunty pace. Lots of shooting and explosions occupy the first chapters of the book. The pace slows once Thomas is tasked with deciphering an ancient coded language.

The translations lead him on a race chatles save the world against the licifer evil. The believability of this premise will depend on your religious beliefs. Personally, I found it to be a wildly entertaining ride, as long as I didn’t try to see it as possible. Thomas Lourds series has been and will continue to be compared to the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown.

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